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The Brahma and Cochin Club of Australia

Latest News

Latest News

2012 National Brahma & Cochin Club Show

Posted by brahmacochin on August 10, 2012 at 2:00 AM

The Brahma & Cochin Club of Australia 2012 Annual Show was held on Sunday the 5th of August in Queenbeyan NSW. This year the annual show was hosted by the Canberra Queanbeyan Poultry Club Inc. (CQPC), as part of their 2012 Annual and Rare breed show.


We would like to thank the hard working members of the CQPC for incorporating our club show, and for being such fantastic hosts! Your friendly and dedicated members put together a well run and successful show. We felt very welcome and really appreciated your efforts to make our show such a success. Thank you also to the CQPC who generously donated a bag of feed for Champion and Reserve Champion Brahma of Show.

Brahma & Cochin Club of Australia 2012 Show Champions


Champion of Show - B. Jon & L. Barker (Standard Partridge hen)

Reserve Champion - Cindy Pretty (Bantam Light cock)

Champion Standard - B. Jon & L. Barker (Standard Partridge hen)

Champion Bantam - Cindy Pretty (Bantam Light cock)

Best Hen or Pullet - B. Jon & L. Barker (Standard Partridge hen)

Best Standard Light - Joel Giusti (Hen)

Best Standard Dark - Bryan Jon (Hen)

Best Standard Partridge - B Jon & L Barker (Hen)

Best Standard Columbian AC -  Joel Giusti (Buff Columbian pullet)

Best Standard Self Colour AC - Joel Giusti (Black pullet)

Best Standard Barred AC - Franz Mahr (Barred Buff Columbian cockerel)

Best Standard AOC - Joel Giusti (Silver Birchin pullet)

Best Bantam Light - Cindy Pretty (Cock)

Best Bantam Dark - Don Jones (Hen)

Best Bantam Partridge - Joanne Aggar (Hen)

Best Bantam Columbian AC - Cindy Pretty (Blue Buff Columbian hen)

Best Bantam Self Colour AC - No Birds Benched

Best Bantam AOC - Don Jones (Silver Wheaten hen)

Best Bantam Barred AC - Joel Giusti (Dark Barred pullet)

Best Work In Progress - Bryan Jon (Silver Crele hen)



Champion Cochin - Valda Jackson (Blue hen)

Reserve Champion Cochin - Paul Rodgers (Buff hen)

Best Buff Cochin - Paul Rodgers (Buff hen)

Best AOC Cochin - Valda Jackson (Blue hen)

Best Work in Progress Cochin - Valda Jackson (Silver Birchin hen)

Recognition Awards

Best Hen / Pullet – Bryan Jon & Lucas Barker

Lance Hicks Memorial Award - Valda Jackson

Judge Medallions – Dale Ashton, Wayne Rigby

Breeder of the Year – Franz Mahr

For more details follow the link below to our website page

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