The Brahma and Cochin Club of Australia Inc

Photo Gallery of older pre-importation Australian and NZ birds

Franz's Chook Runs Franz's Chook Runs 1 of 4 Breeder runs This is a 6mX3m shed divided into 4 equal sections. 149176457 4 of 4 Breeder runs, fully enclosed There is a concrete footer, 30 cm deep around the perimeter of the run. The hatch doors can all be opened/closed from the access door to the run. 149176459 Auto waterers The 12 litre water tank in the pic is filled via a float valve from the external 60 litre tank, this is to ensure the correct pressure is being applied to the lubing drinking cups. i.e. no leakage! 149176458 60 litre water tanks and filters Each tank supplies two runs. Filters ensure no blockages in pipes. 149176460 Cockerel & pullet run, fully enclosed This run has sheet metel buried to 60 cms around the perimeter. It will soon be split in half with a new 3mX3m divided shed being installed. This will allow for the birds to be seperated. 149176461 1-5 month old chick run This modified aviary is set on a concrete slab and has two seperate runs. 149177071 1-5 month old chick run 2 This shows the auto waterers which are adjustable from 30cm to 60cm from the ground. 149176462 1-5 month old chick run, showing second run 149176463 Close up of auto waterers Lubing nipple drinkers will be installed in all runs by the end of this summer as a secondary water supply. Brooder boxes will also have cupped nipple waterers installed to train birds from birth on how to use them. 149176464